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Hossain Zillur Rahman
Hossain Zillur Rahman received PhD in Sociology from Manchester University, 1986. His PhD focuses on the sociology of colonial rule and emergence of Bangladesh. He studied power, property and institution those are new area of Economics. In his long career he brought the poverty related issues as a core research area. He did many researches in the area of poverty alleviation, governance, institutional development, political development and change. He is an expert of understanding the governing process, poverty trends and social change. He formed PPRC (Power and Participatory Research Centre) in 1996 formally and working as Executive Chairman of that organization.
Michael Crandall
Michael Crandall is the Technology Manager of Libraries and Public Access to Information Program at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A distinguish scholar who received his Masters in Library and Information Science from University of Washington. He has extensive working experience in teaching field at university level and web based content management. He was responsible to manage the search services and architectural design for the Microsoft intranet portal and develop company-wide information architecture. He coordinated a web team at Boeing, which was responsible to developed and manage web related search mechanism, knowledge management and structural tagging schemas to implement web based cross-company library for Boeing. He is also member of different professional bodies such as Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, American Society for Information Science, SIG Cabinet Steering Committee, American Library Association, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Special Libraries Association. He wrote several articles on Taxonomy and web content management in different international journals.
Dr. Masud Alam
Dr. Masud Alam, president of GESTRA Engineering Inc. a consulting firm specialized in Geotechnical Engineering in U.S. He received Ph. D in Civil Engineering in 1993 from Oklahoma State University. He is specialized in Geotechnical exploration and analysis Soil Retention Systems, Shallow and Deep Foundation Slope Stability Analysis, Soil Improvement Flexible and Rigid Pavement. In his long career, he worked in Malaysia, USA and Bangladesh as an expert civil engineer in different renowned projects. His interest is to create jobs for underprivileged people specially for the people of Bangladesh. In this digital age he focuses to see how information technology would create innovations and jobs for the people and create new environment of interactions.
Nazmul Alam Siddiqi
Nazmul Alam Siddiqi, formal member of the Ministry of Planning Commission, has extensive work experience in the context of economic development of Bangladesh. He served government as Secretary in the Information Ministry, Director General of Bangladesh Television, and Joint Secretary at the Economic Relation Division etc. His contribution particularly in local development is remarkable.
Charles Gust
Charles Gust, Chief Executive Officer of Directed Evolution Network and founder of Equality Network Foundation is living in Seattle, WA, USA. A former software engineer of Microsoft, retired after 10-plus year in 1998 as millionaire. He is board member of Washington CASH since 1998, which provides business training and micro-credit loans to low-income individuals to enable them to start their own businesses. He is a partner in Results Seattle, a grassroots organization since 1991 to advocate solutions that works to end hunger and poverty and allow the full creative capacity of each individual. He is one of the founders of Grameen Technology Center in USA and contributing largely in micro-credit and child survival organization to eliminate poverty and hunger.

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